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BIO I am a dedicated, enthusiastic, professional artist with 10 years experience in the film/commercial industry, specializing in 2D/3D compositing, matte painting, and motion graphics design & animation.

As a compositor/matte painter I've worked for large companies (Disney, Lucas) as well as boutique VFX houses (Whiskytree, Atomic Fiction), on projects ranging from realistic live-action feature films to highly stylized all-CG films and game cinematics.

I have contributed at many stages of production, from concept, to previs & camera layout animation, through to lighting and final composite. My 3D generalist skills include shader work, particle systems animation, fluid simulations, and non-character animation. My motion graphics animation work can be seen in film, web and game consoles.

This broad range of knowledge allows me to plan and execute efficient workflows, provide whole solutions to clients, and deliver work of a more refined quality.



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